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The Lincoln Motor Company is a division of the U.S.- based Ford Motor Company that offers luxury vehicles under the Lincoln mark. Established in 1917 by Henry M. Leland, it has been a backup of Ford since 1922. While as of now sold fundamentally in North America, Ford acquainted the company's mark with China in 2014. Its vehicles are likewise authoritatively sold in the Middle East and South Korea. The present show goes in North America comprises of two cars (Continental and MKZ), three hybrid utility vehicles (MKC, MKT, and MKX), and a race utility vehicle (Navigator/Navigator L). The company likewise off vehicles, particularly for limousine/uniform, arm use, both in light of the MKT. The Company was started by Henry Leland and his child Wilfred in August 1917 . An architect, Henry Leland named his new car organization after Abraham Lincoln, the main presidential contender for whom he had made a choice (in 1864).

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